A Smith College study of MANNA praised “the sense of community and dignity that is the core of MANNA's philosophy.”

MANNA Soup Kitchen, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that strives to provide hot, nutritious meals to hungry people in the local community in a safe and hospitable setting where guests can find warmth and fellowship and be treated with respect. MANNA has an interfaith Board of Directors dedicated to sustaining this effort.

Since 1986, MANNA Soup Kitchen has been providing free, hot meals, five days a week, 52 weeks a year to the greater Northampton community. In addition, MANNA prepares and serves close to 1,000 meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas at a sit-down dinner as well as delivering meals to the homebound. MANNA prepares well over 20,000 meals a year.

MANNA serves meals on the following days:
Monday, 12 noon, St. John’s Church, 48 Elm St, Northampton, MA
Tuesday, 12 noon, St. John’s Church, 48 Elm St, Northampton, MA
Wednesday, 6:00 PM, Edwards Church, 297 Main St, Northampton, MA
Thursday, 12 noon, St. John’s Church, 48 Elm St, Northampton, MA
Saturday, 12 noon, Edwards Church, 297 Main St, Northampton, MA

Guests are welcome to come in ½ hour before meals. Meal times are for one hour.

MANNA’s guests are old and young, the unemployed and working poor, veterans and those struggling on fixed incomes, people who are homeless and those living in SROs or places without kitchen facilities, the injured or permanently disabled, and anyone in need of a sustaining meal and a place of welcome. Everyone involved with MANNA realizes that anyone can find themselves in these unfortunate situations.

Meals are prepared by a dedicated, very competent chef who himself experienced homelessness, a regular staff, and the help of many volunteers from the community. For a more detailed history of MANNA, please see “Food from Heaven MANNA Soup Kitchen Turns 30,” by Victoria Ix (originally published in Abundant Times: A publication of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, Winter 2016).

Celebrating Thirty-three Years of the MANNA Soup Kitchen

Friday, April 26th, 7 PM
Edwards Church 297 Main Street, Northampton

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Please join us for an excellent concert, and a chance to celebrate thirty-three years of hard work and dedication to the hungry of our community.

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MANNA Soup Kitchen is a nonprofit organization led by a volunteer interfaith Board of Directors.

Since 1986 MANNA Soup Kitchen has been providing free hot, nutritious meals, five days a week, 52 weeks a year to the greater Northampton area, in a warm, safe and welcoming atmosphere – over 20,000 meals a year. This includes the 1000 meals that are served for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at the meal site, as well as delivered to people’s homes.

A dedicated, skilled cook runs the kitchen with many local volunteers. Edward’s Church and St. John’s Episcopal Church generously support MANNA by hosting these meals year round.

It's a challenge each month to be sure but we are blessed with a 32 year history of making ends meet. Our program’s budget depends on donations from religious organizations, grants, food purchased at reduced prices from the local

Food Bank of Western Mass, local stores, restaurants, farmers, and individual donors. All these angels come together and provide us the means to put healthy food in front of those who grace us with the oppurunity. MANNA can not survive without the help of individual donors. Your contribution assures that a needy person does not go to bed hungry. Please give generously.

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